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Message From the Owner

Ironically, MGTDA was founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to create something that was different than other facilities. I believe that God wanted me to create a place that unapologetically stands out, in an effort to break up the monotony. Somewhere that prioritizes mental health while instilling excellence, independence and confidence in our athletes.

The main questions I asked myself through this process were, "What would I want to be done for myself and my future family?" & "Would this be acceptable treatment for me?". This is a company that includes everything I would want to have access to, for myself & my future family; Gymnastics, Dance, Tumbling, Ninja, Programs for Adults and Mental/Emotional Health Classes!

When I worked for other companies, I always felt used, overlooked, underpaid and overworked. MGTDA strives to provide the most respect, support, resources, benefits and flexibility to its all staff members, as well as benefits to the community.  

The most important things this company exemplifies are providing a clean, safe, supportive and healthy environment to anyone who walks through our doors! 


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