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"This is my very first time. Where do I start?"

  • Awesome! Check out the "Classes & Programs" tab to see all of the programs we offer and which one might be best for you.

  • Afterwards, you can create an iClassPro account (through the "Sign Up!" tab) and choose which class/date works best for you to try!

What is a trial class and how much does it cost?

  • A trial class gives you the opportunity to try out a class, without the monthly commitment! 

  • The cost of each trial class is $35 (only applies to classes for children, ages 2-17 years).

Can I sign up for more than one class per week?

  • Yes! You're welcome to sign up for as many classes, in as many different programs, as you'd like.

Do you have a water fountain?

  • We do not have a water fountain. Please bring your own bottled water from home. If you forget, we sell 16.9 fl oz water bottles for $1.50 (per bottle) in our market!

How will I know how my child is doing in their class? When will they be ready to move on to the next level?

  • All classes (for ages 2-17) have skill/progression charts that can be found in the iClassPro customer portal. At the end of each April & October, an evaluation is performed on each student. Their results will be documented on their iClassPro skill chart.

  • Move ups occur when the student has successfully performed at least 70% of the skills/drills on the skill chart and you have written confirmation from the owner/director and/or an office staff member.

What is the drop-off & pick-up policy?

  • Even though every family is assigned a unique QR code for check-ins, children under the age of 12 MUST be escorted in AND out of the door by an authorized adult (must be listed on your iClassPro account). Be sure to bring an ID, as you may be asked to prove your identity.

  • Early drop-offs are strictly prohibited. Should you want to come early, you must have a confirmed appointment & stay with/monitor your child(ren), until their program begins.

  • Pick-ups have a grace window of 5 minutes after you or your child(ren)'s program is over. Every minute after the grace window will result in an automatic late pick-up charge to your account (rate is $1/per minute late).

    • Example: Suzie's class is over at 4:30PM, but her Uber didn't pick her up until 4:45PM. Suzie's account will have a $10 late pick-up charge on it, since her Uber came 10 minutes after the grace window. ​

"I'm stuck at work. Can my sister pick up my son tonight?"

  • Yes! Anyone that is listed on your account as "authorized pick-up" can pick up your child(ren). ID will have to be verified upon pick-up.

What do you sell in your market? 

  • We sell leotards, unitards, shirts, pants, slides, bags/totes, keychains, mugs, car window decals, food, drinks and more!

"This isn't the program for my child, and I'd like to cancel classes. What's the process?"

  • If you feel that the current program your child is in doesn't suit them well, we always encourage you to try any of the others we offer!

  • Should you choose to leave MGTDA, you must send us a written drop notice/request (via email or iClassPro) the month prior to leaving.

    • Example: If you want to stop taking classes in December, you must send a drop notice before the end of November.


What is due when I enroll?

  • Monthly Classes & After-School Program

    • Enrollment Fee = $50 (or $90 for a family) - one-time fee

    • Last Month Deposit = 1 full month of tuition - one-time fee

    • Prorated Tuition 

  • Punch Pass Classes OR Camp Program​

    • Punch Pass / Camp Session Fee 


If my card is on auto-pay, when will it be charged?

  • Cards on auto-pay will be automatically charged for their monthly tuition, on the 1st of each month.

When could my account be charged with late fees?

  • You have until the 4th of the month to pay your account balance (for the upcoming month), without late fees. On the 5th of the month, a $35 late fee will be charged.

    • Example: Your account balance for January's tuition is $120. ​You have until January 4th to pay that account balance, without a late fee tagged on. Failure to pay it by the 4th (by 11:59PM PST), will increase your account balance to $155, on the 5th.

Will I be refunded the money if we miss a class or if the Academy is closed (due to closures or holidays)?

  • The short answer to this is no, you will not be refunded. The tuition amount charged is not based on attendance, but on holding your spot in the class. However, each student is allowed 1 attendance-based make-up class, per semester. The amount of Academy closure/holiday-based make-up classes are solely at the discretion of MGTDA.

Class Dress Code/Attire

What is the required attire for a gymnastics, tumbling or ninja class?

  • Students are able to wear leotards, unitards or any type of comfortable clothing to do their class in. Hair past shoulder-length must be pulled back. 

  • Midriff cannot show.

What is the required attire for a dance class?

  • Students are able to wear leotards or unitards with hair neatly pulled back. Can only wear comfortable clothing in Hip Hop classes! 

  • Midriff cannot show.

What type of dance classes require special shoes?

  • Pointe, Ballet, Tap & Jazz require special shoes that are sold in our market! Feel free to contact our office if you have any additional questions.

Camp & After-School Program

What does my child need to bring for the summer camp program?

  • Your child(ren) will need closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, comfortable clothing to take class in and the appropriate amount of water, snacks and/or lunches (according to the length of time they will be at camp).

    • Full Day 2 snacks, 1 lunch, at least 2 water bottles & closed-toe shoes (for each child).

      • For a pool/water day field trip, they will need their sunscreen, swimsuit, towel & an extra change of clothes.

    • Morning Camp Only: 1 snack, 1 lunch, at least 1 water bottle & closed-toe shoes (for each child), including the corresponding field trip items.

    • Afternoon Camp Only: 1 snack and 1 water bottle (for each child).

What does my child need to bring for the after-school program?

  • Your child(ren) will need at least 1 water, 1 snack & comfortable clothing to take class in.

When transporting the kids, do you provide car seats, or will I have to provide my own?

  • We provide backless booster seats (at no additional cost) that will be used by children at/under the age of 8. If you'd like your child to have a different type of car seat, then you will have to provide your own.

What if I forget enough snacks, lunch and/or water for my child?

  • No worries! We sell food & drinks in our market! If you're not at the Academy, simply log into your iClassPro account and go to the online market (POS function) in order to choose and pay for what you'd like for your child(ren) to eat. A waiver (sent via email) must be electronically signed in order for the food to be distributed to your child(ren).

Response to COVID-19

We're in the middle of a pandemic. What are the safety measures you're implementing?

I'm not comfortable coming in person. Do you have any other alternatives?

  • Yes! Some of our classes are live-streamed on the BAND app. They are accessible with the purchase of an unlimited virtual class pass subscription.​​

  • To find out which classes are happening at which time, please click here.

If we prefer to stay at home, where can I find at-home equipment?

  • If you opt to stay at home, we offer gymnastics, tumbling and/or dance equipment packages. Although equipment is not required for virtual class participation, it is strongly recommended. See them here. 

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